Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sports Puke

This post was long overdue. It's been quite the busy month with a ton of shooting and school. This blog is appropriately named "Sports Puke" because it is sports photos from the last month, all over the place, that just needed to get out.
Very little explanation and editing. Just some of my recent favorites.
Some of my non sports work is being published next week so I'll blog that as soon as it's released.
Caleb Truax smiles while getting stitches after winning WBF International Middle Weight title;
My last time shooting football for a while;

More Boxing;
Highschool Soccer tourney with Hermantown boys and Cloquet girls;
Football Finale;
BBall season is here and I've been quite excited to shoot it;
Then V-Ball
Feeling better now...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Over The Place

There has been quite the hiatus with posts on this blog. I hope this next series of things doesn't disappoint. The next few sets of photos are from all around Minnesota (and Ohio) and illustrate many different things going on around the state (and then football shots of course).
This series is from Jensen Air Field which is a small grass airstrip in Rosemount, MN. The tight community of pilots has been there since the 80's.
There are only a few shots from Minnesota Roller Girls practice. However much more from around the state after the "read more..."
Roller girls heading around the corner. They are a lot more intense in a game setting;
Stella the puppy at the airfield;
Airfield hanger;
Arnie Jensen, left, founded the airfield with the father of Clay Adam, right;
The next week I traveled to the Iron range with reporter Jesse VanBerkel to learn more about a study by the U on miners and repertory cancer. I found out the hard way by homeland security you're not allowed to take pictures of active mines.
This is a panoramic of Leonidas (an inactive mine);
Retired miners Roger Holmstrom, right, and Dave Trach as they leave the Steelworkers Union in Eveleth, MN;
They worked for several mines across the Iron Range;
Eveleth had some awesome/random locations, Jesse made a good last minuet model;
Eveleth just looks old;
Excited about the worlds largest hockey stick;
Random pile of appliances;
Then it was off to Columbus Ohio this weekend for the Ohio State vs. Minnesota Game for the Daily. It was a crazy game atmosphere that just narrowly tops the TCF Stadium opening.
100,000+ intense fans;
Eric Deker and team take the field. Deker was injured in the first quarter;
Freshman quarterback MarQueis Gray had his first ever pass completion;
Brandon Saine of Ohio State being tackled by Simoni Lawrence;
DeVier Posey (8) and Terrelle Pryor celebrate a 62-yard touchdown pass;
DeVeir Posey catches a 57-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter;
Brutus waving his flag;
Gophers Lee Campbell takels Jordan Hall;
Eric Decker looks up at the scoreboard after coming out on crutches in the second half;
It is now known that Decker's injury is season ending. This will be my last shot of him for a while I guess;
Hope you enjoyed. Apologies for taking so long.