Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brains, Brunettes, Millions Billions, Kittens

Two of my favorite shots from last week were;

Nun brains; 


There is a room at the University with over 600 human brains and counting. Read more about it from Emma Carew here.

Also did a 15 min shoot with former american idol contestant Casey Carlson for a story by Kara Nevsig.
Casey Carlson

Then I'll finally put up a little video work. Not as great as I wanted this one to be, mostly because of the export and the fact that my trail version of Final Cut Express is over so I can't fix it now along with the banding. Millions Billions was outside in the cold playing at Red Bull's open ice so I took some video of him. No sound just because it was too windy and the d90 has horrible audio. 

Millions Billions on Ice from Jules Ameel on Vimeo.
Finally some shots around the apartment. Had an intense amount of homework/work to do on Sunday so I locked myself inside and got it done. 
My messy room;
Joe drawin (he had intense HW too);
Joe takin a break;
Noodles the Kitten (I'll put more {and better} of him up later today);
Have a super busy week with school then a really busy weekend with photo work. Very excited about the future.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Success Post!

After a long season of driving all over the place, fighting a broken collarbone, and release delays my friend Alex Horner finally released his edit of winching. 
(I had some B-roll in it *cough, cough, shoulder palish*) 
It's pretty amazing...

2008/2009 Winch Edit! from Alex Horner on Vimeo.

Band friends The Anytime released their new myspace with my picture as the header. After a long day of shooting before they headed out to New York we had to redo the photos because the members looked old to the manager. I was a little disappointed because I loved the other pictures, but it was fun to hangout with these guys again. They paid in pizza.
Picture 6
These guys just got picked up by the same guy who manages Versa Emerge and are going to be the next poster on teen girls walls across the country. Plus their myspace looks saweet thanks to designbyjeff.

I also did a photo for the Daily of president Bob Bruininks. After a long interview I was able to snap 15 frames while his next meeting people crowded around me. I do not want this guys job having to cut millions off a budget.
Read the whole story here;

My favorite part of pictures is the final product.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Michael Haase

I did a shoot for Mike as a promo for an upcoming show his band Lights Out Dancing is doing on his 21st birthday.
Here's a preview, I'll let your mind fill in the blanks for now;

For the rest of the time we hung out and shot pics at his awesome lakeside house in Minnetonka;
Then added a cat;
Moved off the white wall and changed cats;
The danger of cat photography;
Then played with some fruit (which is a little safer);
We were lucky to have an amazing sunset with great light;
Had a great time taking pictures and hangin out. Three bear balloons were lost during this shoot however (moment of silence). Mike is out on tour right now so best of luck to him and his band.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day in Duluth

My great friends in Duluth Freddie, Jason, and Nathaniel went on an adventure and me and Freddie had to do a worksheet on the city.

Beach Adventure;
Jason Climbs Stuff;
I'm happy he decided to wear yellow;
We moved to play-front for a team building exercise;
Jason climbs stuff again;
Dinner with my parents at Chester Creek Cafe;
Recently moving from Duluth, it's always great to go home again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Day of Winter

On the last sunday of winter (or at least useable snow) Horner, Buck, Mckeever, Skier Steve, and myself went out for a day of filming with the winch.

Adam Buck refuses to winch;
JBC Break;
Bored with the epic rail, time for a change;
Go in search of more puddles end up with nothing but photos;
Chris is still ready to rock;
All in all had a fun day of filming, had to enjoy it because it'll be the last one for a while with the season pretty much finished. Buck is now headed down to Chicago to work his dream job (Best of Luck to Buck).