Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brains, Brunettes, Millions Billions, Kittens

Two of my favorite shots from last week were;

Nun brains; 


There is a room at the University with over 600 human brains and counting. Read more about it from Emma Carew here.

Also did a 15 min shoot with former american idol contestant Casey Carlson for a story by Kara Nevsig.
Casey Carlson

Then I'll finally put up a little video work. Not as great as I wanted this one to be, mostly because of the export and the fact that my trail version of Final Cut Express is over so I can't fix it now along with the banding. Millions Billions was outside in the cold playing at Red Bull's open ice so I took some video of him. No sound just because it was too windy and the d90 has horrible audio. 

Millions Billions on Ice from Jules Ameel on Vimeo.
Finally some shots around the apartment. Had an intense amount of homework/work to do on Sunday so I locked myself inside and got it done. 
My messy room;
Joe drawin (he had intense HW too);
Joe takin a break;
Noodles the Kitten (I'll put more {and better} of him up later today);
Have a super busy week with school then a really busy weekend with photo work. Very excited about the future.

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