Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Day of Winter

On the last sunday of winter (or at least useable snow) Horner, Buck, Mckeever, Skier Steve, and myself went out for a day of filming with the winch.

Adam Buck refuses to winch;
JBC Break;
Bored with the epic rail, time for a change;
Go in search of more puddles end up with nothing but photos;
Chris is still ready to rock;
All in all had a fun day of filming, had to enjoy it because it'll be the last one for a while with the season pretty much finished. Buck is now headed down to Chicago to work his dream job (Best of Luck to Buck). 



  1. i'd have to say these are some of my favorites from you....you love that sun flare! ;]

  2. haha you know it man, I have to thank you for teaching me selective color because it has completely changed the way I process my pictures