Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Success Post!

After a long season of driving all over the place, fighting a broken collarbone, and release delays my friend Alex Horner finally released his edit of winching. 
(I had some B-roll in it *cough, cough, shoulder palish*) 
It's pretty amazing...

2008/2009 Winch Edit! from Alex Horner on Vimeo.

Band friends The Anytime released their new myspace with my picture as the header. After a long day of shooting before they headed out to New York we had to redo the photos because the members looked old to the manager. I was a little disappointed because I loved the other pictures, but it was fun to hangout with these guys again. They paid in pizza.
Picture 6
These guys just got picked up by the same guy who manages Versa Emerge and are going to be the next poster on teen girls walls across the country. Plus their myspace looks saweet thanks to designbyjeff.

I also did a photo for the Daily of president Bob Bruininks. After a long interview I was able to snap 15 frames while his next meeting people crowded around me. I do not want this guys job having to cut millions off a budget.
Read the whole story here;

My favorite part of pictures is the final product.


  1. What song did you use in that video?

  2. Hey chris,
    Not my video, but the song is from We are Terrorist.

  3. Jules fantastic stuff. seriously. I love the band portrait. What time of day did you shoot it at?

  4. Thanks Ali!
    we shot this at around 5:00 last sunday literally right before it started raining.