Monday, April 27, 2009

Apologies for Delays and the Lazy Lightroom Edits

After an extremely long week I am finally able to post some pictures to a blog. The last week was writing a research paper as well as working in between. Luckily school is almost over and I will be on a full time quest for a story I want to cover in depth this summer. 
This week our Day in the Life paper was released featuring photography done by our staff for 24 hours. The following is the slide show featuring everything printed. Below that is a few things I shot that were my favorites of the day.

Top of Moo's Tower;
Bobby B. at Work;
Throwing Practice;
Frisbee Practice;
Bike Fixing
Chris iphone-ing on top of Moos;
Police Horse Mouth;
Juggling shot from an awkward angle;
Also on Thursday there was a group of protestors against having recruiting offices near/on campus. There was also a group protesting the protest guarding the recruitment office. These events took place;
I like getting in the middle of it all when covering things like this. The problem is people think I'm on a certain side. The only thing I really want is good pictures in the end. Sometime soon I would love to have a full nights sleep, but it probably won't be this week.

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