Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Use of 60$

For a shoot I decided to rent a 24mm pc nikkor lens. I was really excited to try it out, but not excited to write a 1800$ deposit check(which would most definitely bounce). I had 2 shoots I used it for, but to get my money's worth I just kept shooting. It was inspiring to see things in a new way and I ended up taking 900 photos in 2 days. By the end of it my brain hurt and I was seeing real life in tilt shift perspective...
All of the following are from April 8th and had lazy Lightroom 2 adjustments without cropping.
Surreal from the Daily;

Moo's Tower;
Rec Center;
TCF Stadium;
Softball Vs. Northwestern;
Frisbee Practice
Minneapolis Skyline with I-35W;
St. Anthony Maine;
Stoney Arch Bridge;
Views From the Bridge;
Matt Mead;
Joe Mollen;
Sorry if this crashes your web browser;


  1. Sweet pics Jules. Makes me want to get a lensbaby...

  2. Great use of $60. I like the Rec center shot the best, most definitely. way to go.