Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In United Noodle We Trust...

This weekend I worked a lot. First off I was fortunate enough to hangout and hold a light for Jeremy Cowart after finishing a rough week of school.
That man is amazing and it was great to see someone like that work.

I had to leave early to head to Duluth to cover "protests" of soulja boy. There was a total of 7 people standing around with signs (my reporter told me there were going to be 40). After covering the RNC it's just boring if no one's getting tear gassed or arrested. 
The concert was sold out. I was pissed because I couldn't shoot from the pit or get a portrait.
The next morning woke up and headed back to minneapolis at 7 in the morning for a story at 11.
Child hood leukemia survivor Tonia Nicholaus (left) and her mom Karen, I did an interview with her Audio here. Edited by Matt Mead (everyone say thank you to Matt).
That day I finally was able to sleep and then I worked till shooting at a bar for Red Bull who are trying to do a giant poster for Bootleggers bar. I'm using the same space for a shoot on wednesday morning.

As far as fun stuff I went to United Noodles with Mark Emily and Levi.
Mark & Emily get ready to go;
The drive;
The just plain fun stuff there;
Squid Jerky;
Clear can water;

Still making up sleep, but it was a fun weekend. Apologies to Ashlie for being lame and staying home Saturday night, you are a true bad ass.

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