Monday, April 13, 2009

Rappers and Flowers, Flowers and Friends, Friendly-Fire

I did a shoot with Big Quarters last Tuesday during my busy week of picture taking. They were super fun to hang out with and we just did a shoot at Brandon's (left) apartment. Thanks to Chris Roberts for the light holding! The shoot took less time then it did to bus back which was hilarious with a body load of gear to haul.
Playing in the backyard;

Strobin' and Tilt-Shiftn';
Second floor gardening room;
On Saturday afternoon my good friend Jason came down from Duluth. I finally was able to meet his friend Annie. They are so much fun together and we had a great time at the Como Zoo.
Just hangin' around;
Cameras are fun;
Jason being a great model;
Annie embarrassed to have two guys simultaneously take pictures of her in public;
Earlier that morning I went to Jordan Minnesota to cover the University's Paintball team who are going to nationals. I covered their practice and what an new experience that was! I was wearing a mask and could barely see through the viewfinder. I was pretty much no looking the 300/2.8, but luckily came out with some good stuff. 
I made an audio slideshow to commemorate the occasion;

The end of the school year is almost here and the adventure hasn't even begun.

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