Friday, May 22, 2009

Recent Portraits/Events

Been quite busy these last few weeks. Finished up school, did some awesome shoots I'll be posting in the future, and finally have been able to enjoy some free time. Here are a few recent/recently released things I wanted to show!
Take Cover;

Mike & Max (Eyedea & Abilities);
Secret Studio Stuff;
_DSC0724 13-1
6 million Dollar Man T. Denny Sanford & Tim Brewster Athletics Director;
Went home to Duluth for a few days and hung out with some great friends. Took pictures of my adventure with Brett and Jason.
Bret on a cliff;
Jason lookn' good;
Jason angry at a tree;
jasontoss copy
This could be an epic battle;
All in all I'm excited for the summer to begin. Trying to accumulate funds to invest in a video camera. Working at the Daily and finding things to shoot as the come my way.

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