Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Update

Sorry for being so late! Hope a huge post makes up for it!
Gopher Wide Out Eric Decker;
Eric Decker
Dane Schmidt- Jamestown Story;
Way more after the jump...

Did a 30 min shoot for his new myspace;
Lens Flare Earring;
He's wearing my hat! (grrrr);
_DSC3304 1
Danimal Grafffixxx
This guy is an amazing self taught graphic designer. I loved his work and his appartment was a great place to have a shoot! Unfortunately it had to be pretty quick so me and my reporter didn't make him late for work.
His kitchen was adorable;
In front of his DIY light table;
Showing off prints with his friend's work on the wall;
Hangin out in Sauke Center with my friend and boss Matt Mead;
(check out his work with the link at the bottom)
Matt and Dog
Took picture and audio at a vigil for those who have died or are currently in the Iran. Most of the pictures are my own, but 3 are the by the Daily's new intern Chealsy Roberts

Red Bull had a party On A Boat;

I appologize for my lack of blogging in recent times, been busy and waiting for stuff to be released and finished up so I can post it here.
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