Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farmland & Foam Fighters

This week was one of the most random weeks I've had in quite a long time. On Friday I went to Morris MN to talk to dairy farmers making the transition to organic cattle raising. The next day I met up with some foam fighters I had shot the week before in Plainview MN for an area meet of medieval fighting. I was able to experience both extremes of the southern part of Minnesota. Very busy trying to edit all of the content and get a few other assignments done! This was really one of the first times I had done both photo and video at the same time on the assignment. I also was able to export it all in HD so it looks much better than the one from last week. Enjoy!

Farmland from Jules Ameel on Vimeo.


Foam Fighters from Jules Ameel on Vimeo.

Blue barn off of Highway 52;
Random sign in the middle of nowhere;
Dennis Johnson and his cows;
The cuteness;
Here are some portraits and action shots I did while shooting video and not destroying my gear in the rain. I loved the intensity of the way they dressed.
I lost the sheet of names so Ill update it in a day.

$3500 video camera/ 1 cent rain cover;
I'm excited about things coming up! I hope I can continue to do these more in depth assignments as well as keep getting better at video. Small steps towards a good product at the moment, but Im really proud of the Farmland one!

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