Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tree Climbing & Capitols

It has been quite a fun and busy week. First off I decided to start doing video more seriously. To do so I invested in a new camera that shoots HD footage to SD cards, it's pretty nuts and I'm still getting the hang out it. I really just need help on the post production side of things as far as operating programs like final cut. Also this weekend I had friends from Duluth down for a fun time of going to the zoo, watching bad movies, and BBQ'ing.
An hour after getting my camera in the mail, my new roommate Bob asked if I wanted to try slacklining, I was pretty excited for that and testing out my new camera!

Bob and Levi; Slack Line Adventure from Jules Ameel on Vimeo.

Mark slams pop;
Mark Laughs at Stukel;
Mark Climbs a Tree;
Stukel Naps;
Stukel is Dangerous;
Jason in Pretty Light;
Jason Climbs a Tree;
Nathaniel and Jason in the Tree;
I also made two trips to the capitol in two days for two different major events. The first day I was lucky enough to get a camera into the appeal hearing of the Senate trail. I just got there early and chatted with the PR guy who wouldnt let me except the other guy showed up late! I got semi exclusives for the paper check the Daily for a full slide show.
Coleman Answers Questions;
After the Hearing;
Two Sides Shake Hands;
Then the next day Pawlenty announces he won't be running for another term as governor. I wsa lucky enough to be right up front and ended up sitting in a large leather chair because a guard made me. Who could refuse taking pictures in comfort?
Hugging his Wife;
"No, for the last time I will not be running for president in 2012";
This next week is going to be even more ridiculous, unfortunately with mostly work related things, but it should be fun none the less. Can't complain when it's busy taking photos and video!

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  1. i especially enjoy the lemon lime/dr pepper contrast and the hat/hammock