Monday, July 27, 2009

Chicago/Canoes/Crazy Adventures

I have severely neglected this blog for the last time. I have been traveling all over the place and haven't want to spend time html'ing the crap out of this thing. So here are a ton of things from the last couple of weeks I've had an absence of postings.
Below is the crowd during the Flaming Lips show at Pitchfork Music Festival. I covered the entire festival with the Minnesota Daily. We did interviews and portraits with a few bands along with the standard live shot thing.
Most insane live show I've ever seen;
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Click "read more" for a lot more pictures;

The Antlers
Plants and Animals
Bill Romness of Timber Farm Canoe shot for Lake Country Journal Magazine
First time he had put that canoe in the water;
Beautiful detail in his woodwork;
Drives like a 13000$ canoe;
Home workshop;
The 1968 plymouth he uses to transport the canoes;
Went on an over night adventure to 10k lakes festival to see Wilco. Left at 3 got back at 3 in the morning.
Beautiful Sunset;
Crowd claps along;
Went on an adventure with Jason and Nathaniel to Wisconsin Point;
Wondering through the woods;
Oh No!;
We made it;
Then went to Stillwater for Lumberjack Days;
Dog Toss;
More adventures to come.


  1. awesome... but it's tweedy, not tweety.

  2. Tweety seems like it'd be a good nickname though.

  3. You are crazy talented. Keep it up. Then I can say I hired you for a little photoshoot way back before you were famous. Thanks again.