Friday, August 28, 2009

Beats & Balls

The last few weeks I have been taking a little break from shooting and working on a book and new branding. It will most definitely be a blog in the future about all that because of its' DIY awesomeness.
Either way featured in this blog post are shots from two minneapolis events that happened in the last week. First is the national touring producer battle competition Red Bull Big Tune. The other is from the Gopher's first time playing a scrimmage in the new TCF Bank Stadium.
Local producer Nikademus takes the win;
Luckily this was the only shot in focus while shooting 7fps;

It was like shooting in a cave. This was the best I could do.
Medium Zach of Big Quarters;
Philadelphia Freeway;
Performing "The Truth" off of Jake One's White Van Music;
Excellent liver performance;
_DSC6408 1
Prime Cut;
Bold Illin;
This kid danced like crazy to get the crowd into it (it didn't work);
Eric Deker leads the team onto the field;
The team enters TCF Bank Stadium for the first time;
So much Red and Yellow here;
A Gopher Victory (Gophers 21. Gophers 0);
Also a few of me and Jason on Wisconsin Point;
Summer is very quickly coming to an end. I already bought books for the fall semester which starts in two weeks or so.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrash & Crash

I rented the 24 tilt shift lens to take pictures of the 35w bridge for the MN Daily. Since I rented it on a saturday I got two days of tilt shift fun. Luckily I had a few things I needed to shoot and that lens just made them so much better.
First of was Red Bull Bailout. It was a skate comp on a massive stair set right by the mississippi. There were tons of people who showed up making this event super successful. I'm not a skate photog so I covered the culture aspect of the event.
Also the next day was the Vans Warped Tour. Took very minimal pictures, but met and hung out with a bunch of cool photogs.
Below is POS directly above me.
Tons More After The Jump!

No skate event is complete with out a body guard and a briefcase with 1000$ in 1's handcuffed to him;
Kids getting excited about some cash;
DJ Millions Billions lacking a PA;
Busted Board (1 of 13);
Crowd Getting Pumped;
Winner gets cuffed with cash;
He landed a 360;
The next day I went down to the warped tour with my buddy Paul Bangasser. He had a tilt shift too and it was like showing up to a party wearing the same thing.
All Time Low;
Stare Down;
Plain Ole Bill
Sing It Loud
Pat Brown;
Ben Peterson;
Nate Flynn;
Kieren Smith;
Sick Boy (Chris Lee);
Bad Photographs of Photographers;
Gage Young;
Collin Houghes;
Me (taken by Collin)
I've done some visual stuff for Brother Ali throughout the summer. One thing that just got released was a video previewing the title track "Us" of his new album. I only shot the beginning and end of it and it was cut up by Ben Cohen.

All in all a super fun weekend. The list of photo kids I met/hung out with was;
Joe Lemke
Paul Bangasser
Collin Houghes
Gage Young
Jacob Mengelkoch
Paulo Dourado
Keaton Andrew
Ryan Taylor
Alex Unchapher
All super talented all super cool.