Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrash & Crash

I rented the 24 tilt shift lens to take pictures of the 35w bridge for the MN Daily. Since I rented it on a saturday I got two days of tilt shift fun. Luckily I had a few things I needed to shoot and that lens just made them so much better.
First of was Red Bull Bailout. It was a skate comp on a massive stair set right by the mississippi. There were tons of people who showed up making this event super successful. I'm not a skate photog so I covered the culture aspect of the event.
Also the next day was the Vans Warped Tour. Took very minimal pictures, but met and hung out with a bunch of cool photogs.
Below is POS directly above me.
Tons More After The Jump!

No skate event is complete with out a body guard and a briefcase with 1000$ in 1's handcuffed to him;
Kids getting excited about some cash;
DJ Millions Billions lacking a PA;
Busted Board (1 of 13);
Crowd Getting Pumped;
Winner gets cuffed with cash;
He landed a 360;
The next day I went down to the warped tour with my buddy Paul Bangasser. He had a tilt shift too and it was like showing up to a party wearing the same thing.
All Time Low;
Stare Down;
Plain Ole Bill
Sing It Loud
Pat Brown;
Ben Peterson;
Nate Flynn;
Kieren Smith;
Sick Boy (Chris Lee);
Bad Photographs of Photographers;
Gage Young;
Collin Houghes;
Me (taken by Collin)
I've done some visual stuff for Brother Ali throughout the summer. One thing that just got released was a video previewing the title track "Us" of his new album. I only shot the beginning and end of it and it was cut up by Ben Cohen.

All in all a super fun weekend. The list of photo kids I met/hung out with was;
Joe Lemke
Paul Bangasser
Collin Houghes
Gage Young
Jacob Mengelkoch
Paulo Dourado
Keaton Andrew
Ryan Taylor
Alex Unchapher
All super talented all super cool.

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