Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fashion & 400mm

On a Sunday afternoon fashion hit the streets. It was a few models for a day, the Daily's fashionista, other A&E'er John Sand, and myself armed with a soft-box and 50mm. This was my first attempt at anything fashion related. Honestly, even my own wardrobe is t-shirt and jeans and even on this day I showed up with staff t-shirt and dirty khaki shorts with a massive hole in the butt. Either way we hit a back alley and set up our changing station. Even a homeless man quietly came by and looked through a Dumpster the clothes were hanging on. The results of this two hour madness below and after the jump;
Also on display in this post are a few more sports shots with my new favorite 400mm lens;
Enjoy more after the jump.
Having fun with fashion;
On the city streets;
On the city corner;
Reading the ABC's of Fashion;
Outside of Bandbox;
Ready for a night out;
Don't mess with a man holding a cane;
These are from this weekends Gopher game against #8 Cal. It ended up being a fairly close game till the 4th quarter with the final score of 35-21.
DeLeon Eskridge had only 21 yards rushing for 7 attempts;
The unstoppable Best who scored an incredible 5 Td's;
Brandon Green getting knocked over after a catch;
Weber threw for 2 Td's and 3 Int's;
Deker was knocked out following this TD catch. He later scored caught another and threw one as well;
Best rushed for 131 yards;
Troy Stoudermire had 3 receptions on for the Gophers;
Kevin Riley threw for 252 yards, but Best scored all the TD's on the ground;
A tough loss for the Gophers, but still good considering what a great day Best had. I'll be shooting them again in Northwestern this Saturday. More photos to come.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oranges & Falcons

Recently I have shot a ton of football. Both for the Daily and now my new job shooting for the Gophers on game days. This blog is a mix of the two games. There's a ton of pictures after the jump so be prepared to wait for load times.
Syracuse was for the Daily. I was flown out there and crashed on couches for two nights. I only packed photo gear so I was really happy when I got home to change cloths and shower.
Then shooting for the Gophers at their first ever home game in the new stadium. It was completely sold out and a lot of fun.
There's a lot of pictures after the jump. I'm going to do very little writing to go along with them.

The last time I will ever shoot in a Dome. Enjoy;










First Game at TCF Bank Stadium against Air Force.
Victory Walk;

Pre Game;


Action Pictures;











Celebration Pictures;





Brewster Pictures;

More football to come.