Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Album & All-Access

Been quite busy with school and all the other fun stuff besides going out and doing my own photos. That's all changing this month. For this post...
More Football (now in B&W!) from the 31 to 28 lost to the Badgers;
Pictures from this summer finally used in BK-One and Benzilla's Radio Do Canibal;
More after the jump.

BK-One & Benzilla hit the streets;
Ben in Hideaway Studios;
Brendan in Hideaway Studios;
With my football gig I have all-access;
Pre-game is surprisingly quiet till Brew shows up;
Pacing in the biggest locker room;
Game Time;
No pass interference called;
DeLeon Eskridge rushed for 60 yards;
Troy Stoudemire flying over Badgers
Eskridge trying to break free;
John Clay rushed for 184 yards and 3 TD's;
Marcus Sherels on his 88 yard fumble recovery for a TD;
Deker had 140 yards receiving and 1 TD;
Second to last completion;
Last completed pass;
The game was exciting to the bitter fumbled end. Dissapointing to not see the Gophers win, but it was a great game to watch down to the last few seconds.

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