Monday, October 18, 2010

Strange Sunday

It is now a Monday.


Yesterday was the loss of the very talented Mike Laresen. I had the fortune of working with him, taking the promotional pictures for Eyedea and Abilities' last album. He had spontaneity, combined with energetic genius, that has yet to be rivaled by anyone I've worked with.

I wish the best to the friends and family who are now mourning his death.

Eyedea and Abilities

Working with him was one of the first achievements I had as a photographer in the Minneapolis area.


This leads into the other strange part of Sunday: Tim Brewster gets fired. I have been shooting for his recruitment department during the past year. Though the season was worse than anyone expected, I never expected it to end like this. Brewster is obviously not a tragedy like the Mikey, but they both left an eerie feeling as I saw accomplishments in shadows.



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  1. Really sad about Mike. :(

    I have to say, I love the one of Brewster running past the mural.